Satans Delirium

Scenography at Satans Demokrati

”This enclosing recess in to society reflects on our history, present and future with inspiration from the novel ”the master and margarita”. A world is presented  where the audience is invited to explore the lives and odes of the carcharters and the environments created by hundreds of artists. With curiosity as main  persuviant the audience gets to explore the 3500 square meters where the performance takes place. Part 1 of satans democracy premiered in the fall of 2015. Part 2 ”satans delirium” will premiere october 1 2016. Followed by part 3 ”satans death” opening 2017.”

-Satans Demokrati



Photo: Beata Cervin

In the education room I worked with the light and the position of the visitors. I wanted to give the audience a sence of disadvantaged against the actor in that scen. This i made by lower all the chairs a few centimeters and put a dazzling light directed at each visitor.